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Stakeholder Consultation

Timely and effective stakeholder consultation strategies

M&M believes many issues can be prevented from arising or nipped in the bud if there are effective stakeholder communications and consultation early in a change process.

Even if there are problems, if stakeholders are comfortable that they are being heard and managed appropriately, they are less likely to go to the media. If the media does uncover an issue, good stakeholder relationships will mean the media will find it hard to feed the controversy with angry stakeholders and the story is unlikely to gain traction.

M&M has been involved in developing and implementing stakeholder relations programs for a range of government departments and agencies, often working with large numbers of stakeholders.

M&M’s role with our clients typically involves drafting stakeholder communications plans which identify all the major stakeholders. We research their issues, develop key messages for each of the different groups, the strategies to reach them and the products required to successfully carry out the plan.