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Media Relations

M&M knows the Tasmanian media. Our people are former senior journalists who have worked for almost all the Tasmanian media outlets

We understand what makes and drives news and the people who decide what makes news, how the news cycle works and how radio, television, newspapers and online feed into the news and current affairs cycle. We understand how journalists think, we understand the local media landscape and have close working relationships with local journalists.

M&M offers the full range of media relations services. We believe in being proactive and working with clients to identify ideas and opportunities. We can write your media strategy, media releases, prepare opinion/editorial material for newspapers, arrange news conferences, set up interviews and prepare the interviewee.

M&M develops news angles that work and we know how to pitch them to the media to gain their attention. M&M creatively tailors opportunities to meet differing media requirements (e.g. pictures for the press and colour and movement for television stations). We also recognise the value in involving other organisations, where appropriate, to provide third party endorsement and increase ‘newsworthiness.’

M&M can coordinate media campaign through clients’ online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and company websites.

Our media relations services include:

  • Media strategy design and implementation
  • Media liaison & coordination
  • Media contact and introduction programs
  • Drafting & distribution of media releases
  • Drafting and production of media kits
  • Planning and event managing media launches
  • Comprehensive suite of media training packages
  • Drafting and placing of opinion pieces