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Issues Management

Helping organisations identify and navigate a path through difficult issues and crisis

We draw on our communications and stakeholder engagement expertise along with strong networks in the media to help organisations identify and navigate a path through difficult issues.

Our issues and crisis communications services include:

  • Developing and implementing issues or crisis management plans
  • Staff training and crisis management workshops to make sure your organisation can effectively respond to a crisis
  • Full service, around the clock support if your organisation is confronted by a crisis
  • Stakeholder communications plans

M&M believes that anticipating contentious issues is critical to a successful public announcement or a response to an issue or crisis.

We are specialists in helping clients navigate difficult issues both proactively and reactively. Our experience indicates that the most successful approach is to work closely with clients to understand their business, which usually involves attending regular senior manager meetings so we get to hear about changes and can identify potential issues.

By anticipating issues we are in a position to develop a plan to proactively manage the issue and minimise reputational risk.

Despite the best planning, M&M recognises that there are sometimes issues that arise unexpectedly. On these occasions, time is of the essence.

Timely, accurate and influential communications to media and other stakeholders are required.  We are used to working under pressure to tight time frames and are available 24/7 to service our clients.